Adventures of an Arctic Chihuahua

Living Small at the Far Edge

Gidget: The Arctic Chihuahua

Gidget\'s World View



  Maggie the Pirate wrote @

There she is! Is she smiling, speaking, growling?? All three maybe. I mean Gidget, of course, not Jennifer!

  Jill wrote @

Hi Gidget
How are you doing these days in Alaska? You are a very cute dog.

  jjswanberg wrote @

Hi Maggie! Excellent to hear from you. Thank-you, by the way for the clarification. I dare not imagine what Gidget might be thinking. Perhaps readers might have some suggestions? Railways! JumpingJ.

  daisysmom wrote @

What an adorable chihuahua! And we are ALL about chihuahuas, no matter WHERE they live- although you may take it to the extreme. Daisy has to wear a coat when it’s 40 degrees here she gets so cold I can’t imaginr how YOU survive. Great blog.

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