Adventures of an Arctic Chihuahua

Living Small at the Far Edge

Senseless Mumbo Jumbo From Daddy Longlegs Marcantel



Her sweet brow,

She wallowed in sexy self pity

Like no pity ever worn

She stood under her black umbrella

On the dryest of dry days

For the sole purpose of catching eyes

Brown, green, blue or hazel

She need not discriminate,

Her gaping void a plenty for all to climb.

She takes breaths

And takes them away,

Draws hearts in the sand

And breaks hearts

According to plan.

Her supply of admirers

Greater than her demand.

– December 2008


Lie still and quiet

In tranquil bath

Soothing the soul

And washing Away

Dark pains

Of the day.

A sea of hope

And blessing

On the horizon

To those who close

Their eyes

 In prayer,

And open their hearts

And ears

In meditation.

Our pains


To only ourselves

And to our unbreakable


He has enough ears

To listen

To the whole world

In chorus

But the whole world

Does not believe.

He has enough wisdom

To unburden

The whole world

But, the whole world

Is too blind

To  see.

– January 2009



Bolted at the unsavory sound of mischief profound

Syringes and wasteoids lie on the ground

Breast perky like mounds

Hostility knows no bounds

Teeth capped with golden crowns

Nothing like narcotics and booze to bring them down

For money she removes her gown

Sometimes to hit a bottom a junkie must drown

Ahhh, sobriety found!


-December 2008



To the echo I reply” not tonight my friend, you have been nothin more than a terrible pain in my backside.”


To the mirror I replied” you look like an old lost friend of mine, only you smile more and I can barely see the worry lines you have left behind”


To the heart I replied ” I know I haven’t listened much, I have been closed for so long with only my head to give me guidance, but it’s really nice to meet your acquaintance again.”

– January 2009


                      – Michelle Marcantel



Adventures of an Arctic Chihuahua : Living Small at the Far Edge by Jennifer J. Swanberg is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. All poetry, prose and photographs posted herein remain solely the intellectual property of the authors credited. Copyright@2008.



  Jennifer wrote @

Thank you Mich! I love the shadow photo too. Is that NH?

  daddy longlegs wrote @

Thank you Jennifer for posting my poetry and allowing me to express myself to those who choose to view this particular page!!

  Daddy Longlegs wrote @

Just stopping by the Chihuahua to say hi and see if anything was added. I guess I better send you some more poetry. I am at Suzy’s and she told me I could play on her computer. So here I am. Hope your enjoying your work for the red cross. 😀

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