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Man Ride Horse

If Sarah can't wake him, nobody can!

If Sarah Can’t Wake Him, Nobody Can!

This child is my firstborn, Sarah.  Sarah has always been a very optimistic yet realistic young person. She’s also paid close attention to men on horses. When Sarah was just over 2 years old for example, she wrote this little Haiku about her first experience at the rodeo:  

Man ride horse

Horse rocking

Man show off

Man lose hat


Of course I wasn’t there but I suspect it pretty much sums it up.  

Sarah’s always been good at summing things up like that. At about 3 years old, when asked where children get their energy, Sarah confidently explained “They steal it from their mommies.”  

Need I say more?

I could go on all evening sharing anecdotes about this lovely and perceptive person, but I won’t.  It’s bedtime. She has a busy day tomorrow, as she does each day teaching economics and government to high schoolers.   I have just said goodnight to her online and am ready for bed myself.

What I would like to share with you before I wrap this up is: that her students are very lucky kids even if they don’t know it yet, that she is an excellent horsewoman, that she is as sweet as she is beautiful and intelligent.

What I would like for HER to know is that I am fortunate too. I am fortunate this cowboy did not wake up… he’d never measure up to the fellow she deserves…and she doesn’t know it yet.

I love you forever kiddo.