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Hurricanes, Hearts, Prayers and Charity…

We in The Arctic Chihuahua family offer our hearts and prayers for all of those affected by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike: residents of Galveston, Houston and every small and large community we do not hear about in the news, each family, each person, each animal, responders and volunteers who are giving of themselves, responder families who provide support behind the scenes…to the families who have lost loved ones.

For our readers:  As your Prayers, Hearts and Well Wishing pour out, please do not forget that help comes in many forms:  food, water, shelter, a safe place, medical care, a caring ear…

Here are some links to those who are there to help with those basic needs thanks to your donations:

The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

The Salvation Army – Disaster Relief

Humane Society of the United States – Disaster Relief Fund

Please help!


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  Super-Gidget & Jennifer wrote @

Greetings, Arctic Chihuauhua & Jennifer!

I saw your post on my old blog (“The Adventures of Super-Gidget” — that never really got rolling) and decided to come find you. I was very excited to hear from another Jennifer & Gidget. I loved reading about your arctic adventures and was so touched to see your concern for the hurricane victims. Gidget and I live in Houston and are currently staying with a friend in nearby Austin. Thankfully, our home sounds like it made it through the storm safely, but we have lost all power and there is not enough water pressure for baths or frequent toilet flushing… All good reasons to stay in Austin a bit longer. Once again, thanks so much for your thoughts & prayers for our city, and those affected so horribly — some of those images on tv are still too much for me to fathom. Of course for Gidget, she is safe and sound, so this is just another big adventure for her! Maybe this will be incentive for her (me) to start blogging again.

I’m so glad you found us – it was really fun to connect with another Jennifer/Gidget team!

Jennifer & The Super-Gidge

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