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The Boulders of Blogging

Well, hello dear readers!  

Today has certainly been a day of pushing boulders up the blogging learning curve.  Sisyphus had nothing on me!  My toes have been crushed by rolling rocks more than once this week. Though I had hoped to master an RSS feed for daily inspirational linkages before the end of this day, it didn’t happen. I’ve enjoyed the blogging and page manipulation tremendously and really do enjoy the new-to-me technological challenge.  I have learned a lot. Any technical and/or aesthetic suggestions are most welcome!  Just thought I would put that thought ‘out there’.

Gidget also has been putting some thoughts out there.  For the past couple of days, she’s apparently been bargaining.  She will pick a kibble out of her bowl and set it deliberately at my feet.  If I ignore the kibble, she brings another and sets it deliberately next to the first, also just at my feet.  It’s apparent she is wanting something that I have and might give her, and I have no idea what that might be.  I will keep you posted.  I expect we will keep at this negotiation until some communication breakthrough.

Speaking of breakthroughs, this years ice seems to have melted over a longer period of time so its breakup is not as dramatic as in previous years.  Tundra Tantrum aka Cathy, also of Kotzebue, has some nice photographs of ‘Breakup’ on her blogging site; you might be interested in taking a look. In Fall, it was the seal migration that floated south keeping Gidget and I company on our walk to the Kotzebue Post Office. These are the phenomena that mark our seasons.

I expect tomorrow I will mosey on down Front Street to pick up the mail I let pile up over the course of a week.  It’s a Saturday morning ritual.  Tonight, I cover the regional crisis-on call mental health services  so will sign off to catch some shut-eye… while it is still possible.  Tomorrow then…

Love and later gators,

Jennifer and Gidget



  Michael in Milwaukee wrote @

What does it say on the Kotzebue Post Office sign underneath the legible words in the photo. Seems like a quote above the city and Zip Code? What is this particular post office like?

  Jennifer wrote @

Hi Michael,
The top and legible part of the sign says “Eskimo Building”. Underneath that and to the left are the words “Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corp.” Underneath and to the right , I believe, are the words U.S Post Office, Gateway to the Arctic, Kotzebue, AK 99752.” The Post Office has been resided in the past couple of years.

You can see the back of the post office over the OTZ Telephone live web cam.

More about the Post Office in tomorrow’s blog!
Jennifer and Gidget

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